Services and Solutions

At ACG we pride ourselves on giving support and advice to ensure that you receive the right solution for your requirement.

Our fully trained, and industry qualified technical experts can a ssist you with all aspects of your technology requires. From computer supplies, networking and custom build systems to infrastructure surveys, virus detection, protection and removal. Our team can help!

** Monthly Support Plans and Cloud Backup Solutions **

We have inclusive Monthly Support Plans and Cloud Backup Solutions, perfect for supporting and protecting your business!

Combining our best practice Preventative Maintenance, Emergency Call-Outs, and Virus Recoveries, all for one low cost price per PC, per Month, our Monthly Support Plans ensure that your technology continues to function and support your business!

Our ACG DataSafe Cloud Backup Solution provides a robust, automated offsite storage solution for your key business data. With support for Microsoft Windows Servers, including Microsoft Exchange and SQL. Our Cloud Backup Solutions form a key part of your Disaster Recovery plans!

Computer Sales and Repair Service

Monthly Support Plans

Whether you are looking to buy your first computer, upgrade your current computer, move from a Desktop to a Laptop, or simply need some help, our technical experts will be able to assist you. We specialize in Computer Repair, including Macs!. We offer both onsite and in-shop appointments, so don’t delay, pop into the shop or call us today! Small Businesses cannot afford to employ a full-time IT Technician, but their Technology is just as important as it is to a larger organisation, maybe even more so! Why not let us act as your company’s IT Support Team, for a fraction of the Full-Time cost? We offer inclusive Preventative Maintenance visits, Emergency Call-Outs, Unlimited Remote Support and Cloud Data Backup solutions, via Tiered Monthly Fee Packages, to ensure that your business continues to function as it needs to.

Remote Monitoring and Support Service

Virus Detection and Removal

There is no substitute for preventative maintenance, but computers and networks will always experience issues that you cannot foresee and will struggle to mitigate. At that point, the best you can do is react…quickly! Our R.M.S. Service ensures that your systems are monitored 24/7/365, and that the appropriate technical personnel are alerted to any issues immediately. Coupled with a 1-800 Support Service helpline, available 24/7 if required (additional charge applies). Capable of answering technical questions and solving your Desktop, Laptop and Server issues. With remote technicians able to perform short notice onsite assistance, our R.M.S. Service is second to none. When your computer or network becomes infected with a virus, it can be anything from an annoyance to catastrophic for your business. Recent “advances” in Virus creation have seen File Lockers (where a “ransom” is demanded for the data release). PC Lockers (where your machine is locked unless a “ransom” is paid). And various Trojan Horse variants that are designed to hijack your web browser and send personal data to the virus creator. Most people have Anti-Virus software. But the key is to ensure that you know what to look out for (to prevent a virus attack). Also to ensure that your AV software is tuned to provide maximum protection.